1. Only Full Members who reside within the club’s boundary may vote at an A.G.M. or Extraordinary Meeting.

2. Members must produce their membership card on request of a Bailiff, or any other club member on production of their own membership card.

3. Bailiffs are appointed by the committee and are to authorised to ensure that the club’s rules and constitution are upheld on all club waters and at all events. All Bailiffs carry official authorisation.

4. (a) The committee may expel any member for conduct that, in their opinion, is damaging to the club, its members, or the objects or angling.

(b) The expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership, but shall remain liable to pay any debts or duties which become payable, or are incurred before the date of expulsion.

(c) Any member ejected by a Bailiff is immediately suspended and must appear at the next Committee meeting to explain their actions, prior to any further action being taken. Failure to appear will result in an immediate ban being imposed.

5. Members, and visitors under permit, must hold a current and valid E.A. rod licence.


6. The conduct of angling shall be carried out in a fair and sportsmanlike manner using conventional tackle and methods.

7. The following points to be strictly adhered to:

· The consumption of alcohol is not permitted on any club water.

· Recommended fire precautions observed.

· No fires to be lit.

· No portable barbecues.

· Access to be made through recognised ways only. Close all gates behind you.

· No interference or damage to boundary fences, hedges, trees or notice boards.

· All paths to be kept clear of obstruction at all times.

· If anyone enters a water through a locked gate it is their responsibility to ensure they can get out.


8. Waters may be restricted to members for a period of 24 hours, after 24 hours of formal notification.

9. On competition days swims must be vacated three hours before commencement of the match.

10. Junior anglers are not permitted to fish during the hours of darkness, unless accompanied by a senior member. Maximum ratio of 2 juniors to 1 senior.

11. No fishing far banks at Lightmoor and Plump Hill.

12. Night fishing is permitted at Steam Mills only. Permits will be endorsed at Forest Tackle or Wye Angling on the payment of a £5 levy.

13. Vehicular access to, and parking at, all club waters is entirely at members ‘own risk’ and no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damages incurred.

14. Two pegs at Plump Hill, between white posts, are designated for training and must be vacated as and when required.


15. The maintenance of club waters i.e. weed clearing, may only be carried out with permission of the committee.

16. All fish are to be handled with care and returned to the water unharmed, except as stated under Appendix 1, or as the committee may direct.

17. Two nets are required for fishing at Lightmoor. Carp and silver fish must not be mixed in one net.

18. No keep nets to be used at Lightmoor between the hours of 12-1 pm and 6-7 pm. (matches excluded). Keep nets may be used on other club waters, with the exception of Plump Hill, but must be of a regulation size in accordance with E.A. bye-laws and made of a knotless mesh, well braced and not filled to over-crowding.

19. Fish are not to be held in keep-nets for over 5 hours.

20. Fish 4lb and over may not be held in keep nets but must be returned to the water immediately (matches excluded).

21. A two-net rule applies for all matches.

22. Nets be allowed to dry on the bank and introduced to the water 10 mins before start of fishing. To apply to match and pleasure angling.

23. Tins are not allowed on the bank.

24. All members must remove litter from their swims before and after fishing.

25. Any member using obscene or offensive language will be subject to expulsion.

26. Members should not make, or permit, unnecessary noise.

27. The riding of bicycles and motorcycles is not permitted in the vicinity of any club water.

28. The use of boilies is permitted, but only if PVA bags or stringers are used.

29. No cereal groundbait to be used on enclosed waters, with the exception of Steam Mills Lake.

30. Bloodworm is banned during matches.

31. The use of lead is restricted to those sizes permitted by the Environment Agency bye-laws.

32. All nut baits are banned.

33. All anglers must be in possession of a landing net and disgorger, at all times.

34. Barbless hooks must be used at all times.

35. Only two rods to be used at any one time, with the exception of Steam Mills Lake, where 2 rods per permit may be used (a maximum of 4 rods only).

36. No rod to be left unattended whilst being fished.


37. No trophies or prize monies will be issued at Presentation Night, unless recipients or their representatives are present.

38. The committee may apply new rules, as required by any new or altered lease.

Appendix 1 - Any species of fish which is found to be badly injured, deformed or diseased, should be killed instantly in a humane way.

Appendix 2 - The Environment Agency rod licence must be included in members’ tackle.


LITTER – Rule 24

Litter left on any pegs should be picked up before you start fishing. It is our duty, as club members, to remind others who abuse this rule. Anyone found with litter on their pegs (even if they are not directly responsible for it could be asked to leave the water). This is an ongoing problem for the club and we would ask that you remain vigilant. It is the responsibility of all members!

Please note the committee may ban anyone who leaves litter on a peg.