Record Fish to Date

Species Weight Venue Angler Season
Rudd 2lb 0oz Steam Mills S. Wozencroft 2003-2004
Tench 4lb 6oz steam mills W. Pearl 2014-2015
Perch 2lb 9oz Steam Mills M.Lewis 2013-2014
Roach 3lb 0oz Steam Mills W. Pearl 2009-2010
Bream 6lb 1oz Steam Mills P. Hathaway 1998-1999
Chub 5lb 8oz Waterloo L. Jenkins 1985-1986
Eel 3lb 7oz Steam Mills D. Fryer 2008-2009
Bleak 0lb 2oz 12dr Steam Mills M. Turley 1998-1999
Barbel 2lb 15oz Steam Mills K. Kear 2002-2003
Comon Carp 20lb 2oz Steam Mills J Matthews 2014-2015
Mirror Carp 14lb 6oz Steam Mills J. Blamire 2013-2014
Crucian Carp 2lb 4oz Lighmoor P. Skelton 1987-1988
F1 Carp Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Ide 1lb 5oz Lightmoor J. Lythaby & S. Russell 2013-2014


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